Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Wider Story About Rochdale...


I must apologise for writing a hell of a lit about my experiences of abuse as a child and the wider issues that have come up as a direct consequence of what happened to me all those years ago. However, one story has come out today which has genuinely angered me. 

The Guardian are reporting today that one of the taxi firms implicated in the recent grooming scandal in Rochdale have got a policy of accepting customers' requests for 'local' drivers. 

Or in other words, White Drivers. 

Race relations have reportedly deteriorated since the scandal came out in 2012 and that was shown by UKIP's showing at the recent Heywood and Middleton by-election - we have to work together to prevent the fascist slime from capitalising on the abuse scandal. 

Those people would do well to remember that Savile, Harris, Clifford and Lee- Travis were all White. 

Sexual abuse does not discriminate on race or religion. 

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