Sunday, 28 July 2013

Changes for the better...

So here we are, sitting on the shitter after yet another weekend of madness. One night almost didn't happen due to the VMS4's sense of timing in being a cunt. And the other night went almost too well!! More about Friday night in a bit. Last night was just intense. It was like most night's at the Bank a bit of a slow burner - thanks in part to the thunderstorm that arrived just after I arrived there - but once there we just did our thing. Even played Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics!! Fucking hell!! But I didn't have that much DubShite. Meh!!

Moving onto the night before - we get down to Vasa about an hour before - to get everything sorted and wired - and if the previous guy on the Sunday had just left everything behind the booth - then have time to move that away. Problems began when we didn't get any sound at all - from the A6. And then the VMS4 started to not do its thing. Eventually we found that it was a dodgy USB cable - but the damage was done. We got on for the 8:30pm kick off, but for the rest of the night - just felt that we just couldn't get into the groove. 

Following on from that - and knowing that we had saved money for Bestival in September - I took the decision to shaft that to one side - as I probably should have done initially and bought an S4 from DJTechTools. Should be with us by the end of the week - touchwood - so we could have it for Vasa this Friday. It's a no-brainer isn't it!!!