Monday, 13 October 2014

Traktor S8 - Yay or Nay?

I was extremely excited to see the reports of the S8 coming out and now the images are out and the videos have shown what it can do - some thoughts.

No jog wheels. Which makes me think that this is an mashup of Maschine, the F1 and the Mark 2 X1. Is this going to be for those of us who are using the S4 right now, I suspect it isn't. I think it's going to be used predominantly by DJs such as MK who use the above in their sets right now - it'll be interesting to see what is heard at Fabric tonight where Terry Francis and Davide Squillaci have been premiering the S8 to punters.

Would I get it, probably not immediately, I'm going to be needing convincing that the lack of jog wheels is a positive step, several of my fellow DJs down here are of a similar opinion, one of the very essences of DJing is the ability to be able to scratch - and although I can barely do it, it is an ability that cannot be faked by effects or samples.

What this is however, is an evolution in DJing, just like the Numark NV is for Serato. For Traktor users like myself though, the ever increasing rumours regarding a Traktor software update makes some think that perhaps the S8 is the start of an new evolution of Traktor from NI.

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