Saturday, 15 June 2013


This has been a difficult period, one where I have put DJing on the back burner purely because I haven't had any gigs coming my way. It has given an opportunity to work on some tracks - but nothing really isn't giving me much satisfaction right now, which is rather depressing. Hopefully things will start turning more positive in the coming days and weeks. 

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Now What?


Apologies for the long period in between posts - quite a bit has happened - not all positive I'm afraid!  The gig that I had every Saturday has gone tits up - to the extent that the owner thinks that he was close to going bankrupt due to that night in the week alone - he has cited that I don't have my own following as such which is frustrating but true. My following - if there is such a following has come from online mixes - something that I  going to start doing again - something that I'm gonna have a chat with someone who is rather close to hitting the big time after his mashup went viral in the past week!!

What this does mean however is that I'm now available to do other gigs over the weekend - and I almost did a set down our main club on Friday - problem was however - my guy who sorts my gigs out called me about it called me just after 2pm, as I'm hard at work doing my day job - I don't get the message till the end of play at 5pm which means that in the three hours since they rang me - they've have had to presume that I'm not available and so have got someone else. Frustrating. 

What this does mean is that I've got my time for my mates - as I have recently become some sort of a social recluse which is never a good thing - particularly if I'm trying to make a name for myself on the local scene - a few weeks or months away from all that might do me the world of good, have already arranged some lessons with someone to show me the basics of mixing with CDJs - as I think that could be another useful bow to have on my CV!!!