Sunday, 22 January 2012

Exciting Times

By time I've probably written this - it'll be Monday morning - so I'll be fucked if I greet in the normal way! Had a great set at Skuba last night, probably the best one that I've had since starting - and I've also been advised of the possibility of further gigs on different nights - Fridays have been mentioned as a possible!

So, that's probably more coinage into the Bob Bob benevolent fund!

Second great point of the day was my first online set on VirtualDJ Radio which was at the beginning rather nerve-wracking when the link seem to break down - but after those technical difficulties - the set was rather good - the feedback that I got from fellow DJs from around the world was amazing - nothing condescending - something that I was always worried about when deciding to take the plunge to start playing publically - so that's going to be happening every Sunday between 7pm and 8pm for my favourite tracks and cuts and various other bits that have graced the decks in the past week or so!

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Monday, 16 January 2012

Editing and Creating


Taking some time out of the bedroom watching some footy at the end of my weekend-slash-day off from work - have had my first two residency gigs at Skuba here in Folkestone - both of them more than enjoyable and not that many requests which in itself is a very good thing.

Its also making me realise what the crowd is wanting in general - when I have had requests its been from a group of people not individuals - but that is to be expected. Had the inevitable requests for Rhianna in particular - but that was easily manoeuvred with some chunky extended mix of 'We Found Love' - so that was all good. Had some of my mates from work in the bar as well and so their requests for various Dubstep cuts were catered for as well as a ridiculous suggestion (at 11:30pm it was a mad suggestion - perhaps at throwing out time, PERHAPS!!) for Ray Charles' Shake Ya Tail Feather.

But still it was catered for in part thanks to Virtual DJs capability of being able to rely upon the support and database of Grooveshark's 12 million files - so I was able to cater for that last song in advance (it was asked for at work last Tuesday afternoon). I fear it might not be the last time I play that...

Back at work tomorrow - quite looking forward to hearing my workmates comments on the set from Saturday - from the comments left on FB - they were more than complimentary!!!

Nighty Night!

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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Shattered But Relieved

Well these are interesting times in my life, with my residency at Skuba in full-flow and various ideas I've got to improve my sets that bit more, beginning to come into reality - the edits are building up slowly but surely - which means I can be that bit more inventive but also can get more variety into my sets - if I am able to create a four minute edit out of an eight minute original!
...saying that tho - that does come with a bit of drawback - and can I say at this point, that being asked to play such nonsense such as Jason DeRulo or Katy Perry does sometimes feel a bit soul-destroying but on the whole, Saturday night went as well as it could do, considering it was the first Saturday after the new year and a lot of people, me included felt a bit shattered after the week before and that amazing night that was NYE!

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Sunday, 1 January 2012

The Night After The Night Before…

Evening and Happy New Year,

It was about this time last night, that I was throwing some really good sounds down at Skuba here in Folkestone, and the vibe and atmosphere was quality in all regards.  Didn’t get many requests, just a few requests for tracks that I’d thrown on earlier in the night but hey that’s not bad going for a first public gig.

Photos from the night are on Facebook here!

Haven’t had a bad word said about the set, which went from just after 7.15pm, till 2am – first track was Netsky’s remix of Swedish House Mafia’s “One”, whereas the first track when the party officially started at 8pm was Solu Music’s Fade.  The aim of the night was to keep people dancing and happy and keep a steady rhythm on proceedings without any sudden changes or drops!

The midnight fun worked, though I didn’t quite do what I planned, however it probably worked better because of that – syncing the 24 theme clock with the sounds coming off my decks with imagery of Big Ben and London’s fireworks, whilst some folky remix of “Auld Lang Syne” played in the background, until I pulled the brakes on that!

Then, Daft Punk’s “One More Time” came on.  A special moment, which got a few nods of approval.  Beautiful.

Hopefully, this will lead towards something more concrete where I am gigging on a regular basis.  Having got the playlist on VDJ – and with a request from one of my housemates to record the set, I’m going to redo part of the set in the week and record, and get it on Mixcloud for all your listening pleasure.

Fantastic night!