Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Another Day, Another Bedtime

It's so late that it's morning!

I had a difficult couple of days. I'm not going to digress what has been on my mind, however it's not been music and it's not been work, however I have started to do some studio mixes for one of the bars in town as they wish to cut down on costs right now. 

See unlike London the economy elsewhere in the country is fucked. 

Taking a week off from the booth this weekend as we are heading to London for the Old Man's 40th birthday. Taking in El Clasico, and then heading to XOYO to see the mighty Simian Mobile Disco in action, whilst staying in Swanky Hampsted in one of those cute suites up there! Plenty of Jäger, Sambuca and Vodka will be consumed of course!!

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