Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Back Into The Quagmire...


At the gym at the time of writing, and I cannot help but wonder whether or not we are making the same mistakes as we have in the past. 

Yep, afraid I'm talking about the impending humanitarian clusterfuck that is Syria and Iraq courtesy of those IS fighters. We seem to have not learnt from the crimes of Srebrenica and Rwanda. 

To some, it is politically inconvenient for the West to bring troops into the region, as it will almost certainly bring about a wider conflagration which would inevitably involve NATO as Kobani, a predominantly Kurdish town on the Syrian border with Turkey is in the process of being swallowed up by the bastards of IS. I don't want to use the term 'Islamic State' to describe the terrorists who are currently intent to bring about their warped interpretation of the Koran to a wider audience and region. 

I fear however that we have gone beyond the point of no return. Turkey is a member of NATO and part of the NATO agreement is that any attack on such a member country automatically is an attack on all NATO members. Mmmm. 

The West have a moral obligation to get involved in such a conflict as this is a consequence of the Iraq war from a decade ago. There were no signs of Islamic militancy in either Iraq or Syria, as the Baathist movement - which both Saddam Hussain and Bashar Assad were both leaders of in their respective countries, were predominantly secular parties. When Saddam was removed, it opened the door for militants to come and fill the void left by him, and the country has not recovered since then. 

We went in there on a false premise back then. We have to go back in to clean it up.

Edit: According to Sky News, the Turkish President has said that Kobani is about to fall to IS. Let the games recommence...

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