Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Traktor and The Remix Decks - An Odyssey...

Fucking hell, that was fucking torture - no I'm not talking about my doctors appointment this morning, that wasn't too bad actually, in fact things haven't been too bad on that front, we've finally got a date for our CBT therapy to begin, next week in fact, so we can finally see some progress on that front for a loooooong time. But leaving that aside..

Not as easy as it looks!

We have spent the last few nights working on some remix decks for the Traktor F1, which I purchased little over two months ago. The very idea of Remix Decks being incorporated into digital DJing was something that people were sceptical about at the time of the F1 being released, but it has transformed the way that DJs constructs their sets in advance in the same way as those who use CDJs use Rekordbox.

Like a lot of DJs that I know, I prepare my sets in advance - setting up cue points, loops, and my effects before rocking up at the bar or club that I'm playing that weekend - I would argue that any DJ worth their salt probably should be working along these lines because that way, you're not fucking around with cue points and prepping loops - whilst you should be rocking that bar or club.

So, the way that I've doing it is this, I've this evening siphoned through this years Bargrooves albums which I have bought and have found sixteen particular samples which I think could be of use in my early evening Deeper set - I've separated the samples into four particular areas, drums, melody, percussion and vocal - for obvious reasons - I'm dropping the drum loop down to about 60% volume, so it doesn't overpower the main volume. This way the clubbed can notice a subtle difference to the mix, but not to the extent that it is too much.

Now, when you've done your Remix Set, go up to the Track Collection. Imperative you do this. Drag the set over to the collection, and once you've given it a name - the samples will be saved into the Collection.

Simple when you think about it. But fuck you have to work at it!!

B xx



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