Sunday, 26 October 2014

Best Of Buddies


I'm some what fucking shitfaced after an very heavy night in Das Kapital for the old man's 40th - quite a few stories have come out in the last 24 hours that I'd like to talk about this morning - in particular regarding those cuddly cunts from UKIP - who I have seen in the last day or so been getting all fucking paddy with those equally adorable fuckwits of Britain First - yep that's right children, UKIP are getting friendly with an font of the BNP, EDL and poxy National counting Front. There are pictures resonating from Rochester of these equally undesirable fuckers having selfies and pictures taken with each other.

Now, it's quite possible that these cunts just bumped into each other and thought it would be nice and courteous to exchange pleasantries - but actually having your photo taken with the knuckle dragging super cunts of the right must make people question whether UKIP are wanting to be a party of the people, or are they trying to go down the 1933 route - basically, spread fear and hate amongst an indigenous population against minorities, the persecuted and the vulnerable, play on people's worse fears and prejudices and then whack - before you know it - Farage will be High Chancellor. Unlikely, but still...

Farage has said time and time again that he is the leader of a party which are not the establishment - not funded or influenced by certain interests - but surely that's a crock of shit! The MP they have got in the commons was previously an Tory in the same fucking seat - the cunt that is standing in Rochester and Strood is a Tory turncoat - they have been financed by former Tory donors - shit, they've even had a has-been (or is that, never-been?) DJ, record an dreadful absurd song - in an Jamaican accent. This being the same twat who was so against Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, that he performed a record breaking (that's vinyl, to you kids) ritual of said song on his Radio 1 show in 1984. Bonkers.

Now, you may decide to see this rant as pretty standard for someone like myself - but that is besides the point. This party has openly said that it wants to be different from other political parties, but that is just not possible when you're just the same cunts, with a slightly different hue of shit instead of the Tory blue.

And if you do think that, then you're a fucking twat.

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