Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Prepping That First Public Set!!!

I have been asked to do a gig at a local bar on NYE - at Skuba in town!

They've said that they want a mixture of everything?

Hmmm. That is what they will get!!!!
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Sunday, 27 November 2011

A Bit Of Perspective.


I was going to write a piece about last night's 3rd Cream Reunion, at Nation in Liverpool - and the euphoria that Quivver, Tilt, MWNN and Sam Lamont produced and unleashed on a fanatical crowd. I was then going to write about walking about the city centre for four hours whilst waiting for Lime Street to open. And then talk about the journey home.

That will have to wait.

As you will no doubt be aware - it seems that Football has lost another of its gifted luminaries - and yet it seems to be in the worse possible circumstances.

Gary Speed was a league-title winning, 85-time player for Wales, many of them captain of a team that included in his prime, Giggs, Rush, Hughes amongst others. He always gave his all whether that was during the 91-92 season when he won the title with Leeds being at the heart of a capacious Midfield of all the talents, or later in his career with Bolton, Newcastle and his boyhood club, Everton.

The circumstances surrounding his last hours (I hate using any of the D words, as I find them too final) - are as of yet not for known for certain - however, I would like to take this opportunity to pass on my condolences to his family, friends and fans in the football community.

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Friday, 25 November 2011

An Unexpected Surprise!

Got a voicemail from one of my mates who works at one of the local bars here in Folkestone.

Wanting to me to play for their NYE's party!

Have had to contact a mate of mine whom I was suppose to be playing at theirs that night and explained that I'll be paid and all that - they understood.

So, as soon as I have more news regarding that - I will let you know!!!

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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Creating And Editing

Have had an productive couple of hours - firstly on the decks to do my daily hour in the mix - followed by an hour continuing my studio-style mix for my trip up to Liverpool on Saturday.

Had up till last night put 19 tracks into the set in about 90 minutes - but by time I had ended some 10 minutes ago - both Stringer by Riva and Airscape's Pacific Melody had been taken off the set as they don't match the feeling that I'm wanting to create in the two hour mix.

The set would be home probably being played in the Courtyard as there is some pretty deep, proggy trance in my set - which I will get up - either late tomorrow or early Saturday - but certainly by time I leave early Saturday afternoon!

Need to be in Dover for 2.30pm as one of my mates is doing my hair before I storm up the country to Merseyside - should be at the Upstairs bar of the Peacock hopefully this side of 9pm, if everything goes well!!!

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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

In And Out...


Being one of these conscious DJs who care about the world and preventing it from descending into a cesspit of doom and madness - though some will think we're already there - but I jest - I am on the Number 10 bus from Ashford back to Folkestone after having my back-passage/Crack/anus (delete as appropriate) examined by a very fine doctor and his assistant.

And no this was not for pleasure but for something pretty serious. Due to events in my past that we will not dwell on - and possibly because - I have been suffering from bleeding from down there for some years - and due to sheer embarrassment and terrified of what could be found there - I have not got it checked out till now.

It is actually quite common with people who have had trauma down there before, or with people who engage in energetic anal sex - without knowing what the consequences can be.

Having had my GP's finger up there, I've had the specialist's finger and his telescope up there this morning - and with the prospect of another telescope going up towards my tummy when they get that arranged - which incidentally scares the living crapper out of me, I fear that this morning's episode won't be the last.


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Monday, 21 November 2011

Ah, Its Jesus!!!

Sounds like I was speaking too soon, my beloved silver shuffle seems to be back working - so as I head to the hospital tomorrow morning - I can listen to some mixes and get some new ideas for my sets!

Have begun starting on a tribute mix ahead of my trip to Cream for the 3rd reunion there on Saturday night - and I haven't gone for the obvious candidates!

Talking about the actual night though - apparently the word is that Tilt's set looks set to be amazing - is it going to be a contender for my moment of the year?

We will have to wait and see!!!

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What A Shitter!

Was taking out my washing from the machine just prior to heading to work and I found my iPod shuffle in my hoodie.

Needless to say - it has joined Steve Jobs in the iCloud.

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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Long Term Ideas…

Have just seen the Novation Twitch and before now, have always thought that if a controller doesn’t have jogs then it’s probably not something for me to consider.Novation Twitch Touchstrip Controller DJ Audio Interface

However, it doesn’t have jogs for a reason, as it’s not built for those who fucking scratch – what a dozy twat am I!

Having seen the price – on average about £379 – it’s potentially something to look to when and if I get any bonus from work this coming year!

Looks rather nice to be honest – the touchstrips do look rather nifty and the way that you are able to (supposedly) map it to your specification makes me think, Hmmmmmmm.

Denon DNMC6000 Four Deck USB Midi Controller with Traktor Le

On the other hand, there is this on the left, the Denon DNMC6000 – yep, it’s an awful lot more, I’d be looking at barely having any change out of £600 – but just look at it – it does look fucking lovely doesn’t it.

Finally on my radar is the one below.

Citronic 170.700 MP-X10 Dual Media/MIDI MP3 player with Mixer




This on the right is the Citronic MPX-10 – I got offered this – prior to getting my VMS4 – however the £480 that he was asking for was too much for my pockets to deal with – so I bailed out – however – this does interest me as it has one MAJOR advantage.  I wouldn’t need to use a laptop if I wanted to. I’d have the option – but the sheer thought of being able to use this without any laptop – only needing to connect some sort of external hard-drive is extremely enticing.

We will have to see what happens in the coming months…


Lazy Sundays

Just finished my run along the Leas here in Folky - the sun beating down on me like some alien invasion ship - following me to use me for some fucked up experiment.

Was listening to my Magic Eight Cloudcast from Friday night - and it sounded fucking quality - I have to say!

Dependent on what mood I'm in later - after the LFC/CFC game - I might do some classic set laters this evening as I said I would on Friday - as I've said previously my Top 10 of the month will probably be up on TrackItDown later on in the week - and further news regarding my first public gig in January should be avaliable sometime this week - probably Wednesday or Thursday!

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Saturday, 19 November 2011

The Bad Boy!

Introducing the American Audio VMS4!!!

That Saturday Morning Feeling...


Well its just about is isn't it! Having done my run for the day and have uploaded this week's Magic Eight - I find myself with not much to do before I head up to me Mum's for some dinner later.

It being the weekend before payday - I get my money earlier than my colleagues as I bank with the same people as my place of work - I have less time to wait than everyone else - its also how I'm able to head to Liverpool next Saturday for the Third Cream Reunion - I'll stick a poster of the gig when I can be fucking assed!!! (Ed: See Below!!!)

So this weekend's gonna be a case of testing out some new stuff - go on Track It Down later to see what's out and then settle down to finish off my litre of Bacardi.

Wise Move That.
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Orbital - Halcyon and On and On

Magic Eight–18/11/11

Friday, 18 November 2011

A Boring Friday Night...

Evening fuckers, Well after one night - we have had 16 fucking page views - 16 pissing page views.

That's a fucking good start to proceedings on here - considering in previous incarnations there has been barely anyone looking in any of the previous fucking blogs that's been done by this cunt!

So, we're here in my bed - just after doing this week's Magic Eight - which is really eight tracks that have caught my eye whilst practising on the decks this past week or so - so there's no real rhythm or pace to any of the sets - but some times there is - contrary to some of my longer sets which I'll be recording probably Sunday night to be on Mixcloud and on here possibly late Sunday or probably Monday once I've finished work for the day!

This week's Magic Eight should be online anytime from Midday tomorrow - I'm going for a run early tomorrow morning about 9am - and then we'll take it from there!!! B