Monday, 1 January 2018

New Year, New Plans...

Many Happy returns for the new year. 2017 was for lots of people quite a difficult and troubling year, this was the same for myself, however towards the back end of the year, I seem to have started to make some substantial changes to my lifestyle. One of the main aspects of this, is moving out of the self-named 'Surgery' into what can be classed as a ensuite studio flat, with shared facilities for washing my gear - however I do have my own kitchenette and shower - which is a good thing. Just able to pop in there - with guaranteed heating and hot water - unlike the Surgery which towards the end of my time there, had no heating, no hot water and with respect a complete cunt of a landlord (amongst other descriptions of the cunt). This change in my circumstances has also coincided with my busiest period as a DJ, with some 10 gigs in a six week period and with all this change - I have been unwell and not been able to recover quickly. So, some decisions have had to be made, the fundamental one is that I'm stopping all bar gigs with immediate effect - purely because from a time and financial point of view, it's not worth my time to prep for hours for such gigs with little return, and with that time, it'll allow me to dedicate more time to producing which is my number one target for the next 12 months. With that in mind, I've been spending what spare time I've had on numerous YouTube videos looking for ways to carve out my sound, which although seems fun from the outset, is an fucking ball ache, but the end results are worth it. I've put a few tracks up on Soundcloud already, and I've got a few more tracks that are close for me to show to the world, so let's see what 2018 brings. B x

Thursday, 14 September 2017

XDJ-RX2 Is A Reality...But Is It The Upgrade I expected?

In a word. No.

That is the immediate thought I have got from the video above from Pioneer this evening - there is no send/return - which would have allowed you the ability to use external controllers such as the Korg Kaossiator - or for that matter the Pioneer iPad app for the RMX-1000.

But perhaps I'm asking too much.

The touchscreen looks pretty - I was quite sceptical about these being on the XDJ range when they first came out - but people who own such as the XDJ-1000 tell me that they are very durable so perhaps something that I could warm to in the long term.

For me though, think my plan to get two XDJ 700s and an DJM 450 mixer continues to be the way to go. And as for those two usb sticks on the right hand side of the mixer instead of being in their respective separate decks - just looks a bit...meh.


Monday, 28 August 2017

Robert Hood - The Bond We Formed (Slam Remix)

Part of Soma’s 25th anniversary comes probably the most sought after track from the compilation celebrating the milestone. Robert Hood’s seminal track, is given not one but two remixes by the Glasgow duo!

This one brings together Hoods original drums with Slams unique sequences.

Feiertag - Retrospective


Further apologies for the lack of posts over the last few weeks. I have had a further breakdown some weeks ago, and have been signed off since then. Am due back at work tomorrow - but not before a decent bike ride this afternoon, and some further posts - revealing some of the stuff I’ve enjoyed listening and occasionallly playing out.

Thought I’d post this up - its come out just this friday just gone - on LSOE - and although Retrospective is quite a chilled, breaky track - 77a Charterhouse Street is a much more techy track - proper early door track at a festival without doubt!