Monday, 28 December 2015

Festive Trauma


So that's part one of this two part festive onslaught on the liver out of the way. I stopped drinking about 2am Saturday night purely because I had no alcohol left and that was because I'd sunk two bottles in two days.

I do wonder what mother thought of me when I disclosed on Christmas morning that I'd already had my first quadruple vodka at barely 9 in the morning. This after finishing a six hour marathon set down at the Bank in town.

After visiting mother and sis on Xmas morning, I spent the rest of the day drinking on my own. A lot. So much so that it was a minor miracle that I woke up at all Boxing Day. Went up to celebrate mother's birthday and then went back to mine. To drink. A lot. Again.

Thinking that this was becoming a pseudo sadistic pattern I thought I'll puncture that with a bit of a mix - which is avaliable on Mixcloud right now.

Sunday and today has been quiet. Mostly spent killing people on Black Ops and sorting out Mixed In Key as I finally want to try and do a Studio style mix on Ableton. That and also get something concrete down - I'm aiming for 2016 for two things musically. Get some tracks that I can be proud of down and to get my djing to a place where people will book me to do sets out of town and not just down here.

I'm worried that I'm going to get typecast into being a wedding DJ who loves playing techno when he's allowed. When it should be the other way round.

Fingers crossed.

- B on the iPhone 6s x

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Christmas With Bob

Well, Well, Well...

As I write I'm on my fifth quad vodka of the evening - on my own whilst all around me - friends, family are with their loved ones. Leaving yours truly on his tod - though I do wonder whether that's not a bad thing. Mother was constantly asking me through my sister whether I was alright when up there this morning for her birthday - of course I lied as standard.

This time of the year I much prefer being on my own as that way I'm less likely to have some sort of mental/emotional breakdown publically - whereas when I'm in the Surgery - I can be however I want to be - and there is fuck all any cunt can do or say about it.

I have Pan-Pot's ridiculously good remix of Bodzin's Zulu on the go at the moment - I have done several drafts for my year mix but it's ridiculously hard to cut down from 100 or so tracks - I may have to split it into two separate mixes - one commerical/mainstream and one more darker/underground. That's probably is what will happen. One should be avaliable tomorrow sometime as I'm too pissed to record it now - and it's too late to do it now, but there's about 40 tracks on that first mix - which will be a record for me on one recording - and I know in what order it's in so hopefully we'll have it done by midday tomorrow. Hopefully.

As for the more underground set - it maybe an Monday afternoon job to do - as it's going to be a great deal more intense to do justice as there has been so much quality techno out there - and it would have to be done in a way that it goes up and down like a roller coaster for key purposes.

As for the sale shopping - I'm a bit hesitant as I'm off to Secret Sundaze on NYD which I'm genuinely looking forward to - like I haven't with a night out since my first trip to Nation a good few years back. Talking about that Liverpudlian institution - massive love to those of you there as I watch Match Of The Day - its going to be a superb night based on what I've heard - if it wasn't for the non existent trains - I would've been there with you all!

B x

- B on the iPhone 6s x

Stephan Bodzin - Zulu (Pan-Pot Remix)

Almost heaven for me this - two of my favourite producers over the past five years coming together for this epic remix!

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Pan-Pot - Riot (Paul Ritch Remix)

Hello there.

Pan-Pot + Paul Ritch = Mayhem.

The remixers involved in re-interpretating Pan-Pot's terrific album read like a who's who of Techno Royalty.

Uakoz - Handtrace (Original Mix)

Out now on Elevate

Friday, 18 December 2015

Some Thoughts..

Evening all, or by time you read this it'll be the morning - ah it is!

Heading up towards the most chaotic part of the year for me - and potentially the most rewarding - with four gigs in just under two weeks - and having turned down a further one to have some quality time away from thinking about any firm of work!

On the djing front - the place where I'm sort of resident has installed the CDJ-900 nexus set which has changed how I'm going into doing my sets down there now - instead of lugging my mac and my s4 about - its all about a 64gb flash drive and rekordbox and voila - so that's rather good - it is though going to get to the point sooner rather than later when I'm going to be wanting some rekordbox compatible decks down here in the Surgery - so we need to work on that.

Day job keeps on plodding along - which is quite nice - though I'm back on the meds - though different ones to the man-boob enlarging Fluoxetine - which is a fucking relief!

Anyway I'm going to try and get some techno up on here between now and over the festive period - and hopefully my year mix will be avaliable to listen to as well - so ta ta for now!

- B on the iPhone 6s x

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