Thursday, 31 October 2013

Uncertain Periods

Well, it looks like that I'm in a state of flux right now. The place where I'd do a couple of gigs each month has closed its doors for the time being - it being November think it was pretty clear that was going to happen. 

Suggest that this may well be a good time to assess where we are and where we are looking to go over the coming six to 12 months. I didn't think back then that I would had had such a steady amount of work such I have had since then. 

Am expecting, hoping that Christmas brings a continuing steady stream of work. 


Sunday, 27 October 2013

No Time To Think!!!

Evening fuckers!!

Been a very long while since the last post so thought whilst I'm in a reflective mood and in quite a bit of pain thanks to this cunting cramp in my right leg that I'd put a few thoughts together over what has been a ridiculously busy period. 

Although I have been only gigging every other week for the past couple of months it's very much is still go for me - I'm getting my collection sorted on Traktor after constant harassment by fellow DJs that it's a nightmare for them to use it - which is rather ironic as it's only me who is to be using it!!! Still could be worse! 

We've been getting offers for private gigs as well - got a 21st birthday party in early December to get sorted out - so that's slowly creeping up on us. We're going to see just how much money I'm able to save with the gigs I get given over the festive period before deciding our plans for next year. 

Gonna stop there as this pain is getting much too much!!!