Thursday, 25 December 2014

Robyn - With Every Heart Beat ( Tong & Spoon Wonderland Remi

Sometimes I don't realise just how lucky I am to be allowed to play some of these tunes aloud to loads of people. Very special track to me and loads of my lot!!!

Michael Cassette - Memories (90s Piano Mix)

Electribe 101 - Talking with myself (Frankie Knuckles mix)

Ho, Ho, Ho and seasonal greetings from the Surgery where we are sipping on a Quad Voddie and Monster as we type.  I'm going through some of my classics ahead of my NYE set at Skuba in Folkestone - which I am excited and buzzed as anything I've done before - and we've come across some absolute rare beauties such as this one by the late and great FK!

Seasonal Greetings

I'm absolutely fucking knackered from the past few weeks of gigging as well as the day job. Some things just seem to get neglected.


This blog is one such neglected thing!!!


Seasonal Greetings!!!

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Society and Depression

Rather topical this today, with the mental health charity Mind announcing the results of a report into the wellbeing of those who are on work-based programmes as supported by our beloved government. Unsuprisiningly, the results make for somewhat grim reading for the coalition. 
According to Mind, 83% of people they surveyed said using the programme and the government's job centre services had made their mental health worse. Three quarters of those polled said they felt less able to work as a result of being on these schemes, the charity said. At the same time, the schemes were ineffective for people with mental health problems, as only 5% of people had been helped into work, campaigners claimed.
I have written previously about my struggles with depression and anxiety - and I can vouch for the above - nothing, I mean nothing is more stressful than the worry of losing your benefits because you're not finding work, due to your head not being in the right place, mentally, nor emotionally.  I had my benefits stopped once, because I had a breakdown which resulted in me not being able to go for work - for a substantial period of time, and it is the closest I have been to being destitute - literally scraping each penny for what little you could get. Now, I had it lucky, I was living at home at the time, and my mother could just about support me, but as we all know - there are people who have nothing, nor anybody to turn to in their time of need - I recall a man calling up LBC just in the past week, saying that he couldn't afford to eat. Just imagine that man suffering from mental health problems - he probably does - even if he doens't realise it - as that is what it does to you - the whole vicious circle keeps on revolving ad infinitum.
Poverty, Depression, Alcohol. 
Without a doubt the three most destructive elements in society right now - young people are living at home longer as they can not pay the obscene costs of renting - even down here. So there you have the poverty element there - young people don't want to be staying at home, I know I didn't want to! There's the depression part - and finally what do you do when you're depressed? Drink the night away. Bingo.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014


Jesus Christ, the last few days I have been tagging my music collection like nobody's business - having discovered MusicBrainz Picard for the Mac, which basically searches for metadata based on audio fingerprints and id3 tags - which has been quite revelationary - think Beatport Pro but with bells and whistles on!  It's taking a bit of getting used to - but my god it is worth it - files which i have never been able to get tagge properly before now, all tidied up - which is a very good thing, considering I am now using iTunes to plan my sets and playlists - as I can node them up to Traktor - or for that matter any where else such as Rekordbox.  All in all, a good thing this!
I have always been an audiophile - menaing that my music has had to be at 320kbps - or now I'm playing with AAC, at least 256kbps - taking into account the sound system that I'm going to be playing on.  You have many people who think that you should play loseless or WAVE files - but as long as it sounds audibly great - isn't that what matters. 
An going to start a few re-edits - of a few classics this evening - taking my point from one of the men behind Groove Armada - Tom Findlay, who's just released a new LateNightTales compilation featuring re-edits of disco classics such as Etume's Juicy Fruit amongst others.  I've done a few before now, such as Todd Terry's remix of Missing by Everything But The Girl - half way through the track, the track seems to go off by half a beat - at the main breakdown - so have had to warp the track, to keep it all in line - and this sort of editing is a good base to get into producing I believe.   

Monday, 8 December 2014

Pandering To The Stuck Up

I can't be the only person in the land who thinks that some of the festive adverts for the coming season have got an distintively stuck-up favour to them this year.  The way that advertisers seem to be trying their utmost to crack that ABC1 demographic.  There have been an couple of adverts that have really got my ire this season so far.
Jeees, where is there to start - is it the blatantly middle class mentality of the actors in this advert, the 'smell of skiing' comment reeks of a certain state of superiority, replacing Hertfordshire for Chamonix or Aspen - why not set a Christmas dinner scene in an community centre - instead of a stately home. AAAAAARRRRGGGHHHH.
2. House Of Fraser
Now this is pretentious nonsense - they ask models - yes models - who they want to give a early Xmas present to. Makes you want to projectile vomit. It is that vain and empty - and so completely out of touch with reality - you really do wonder who is coming up with these ideas. We all know that advertising agencies are probably the most pompous bunch of muppets out there - and based on this year's seasonal adverts - this just confirms it.