Monday, 29 June 2015

Bob Bob's Chillout Classics


This playlist has been on my YouTube channel for some years and gets regularly added with new and old - and in some cases very old tracks!!

There is something for everyone in this!!

Mark Knight - Second Story (Original Mix) [Suara]

Proper grooves this from the Toolroom don!

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Tell It As It Is.

A Sensible Thought.

An obvious point from David Icke.

Sunday Funday

As promised in an earlier post - here are some of my go to tunes for Sunday - particular for those times when you're in the Garden relaxing with a cold one!!

Alternatively, listen to Test Match Special for that similar if nostalgic feel.

Raffaele Rizzi - Manticore

Two Sides Of The Same Coin


Spending some time up my mother's - having some dinner after yet another great and successful wedding done last night - this time at Elvey Farm which was very enjoyable - the bride and groom were more than happy with the set that I did - so we can hardly complain.

However, thoughts are far, far away. The events in Sousse, Tunisia as well as France and Kuwait on Friday as well as Charleston, South Carolina last Wednesday night have bought into sharp focus the madness that continues to envelop the world and in particular two extremities. The Fascists of ISIS and White Supremacists.

Let's be abundantly clear. These bastards are on the same side of a dirty coin. They are backward, decrepit and deeply disturbed people with warped and deluded opinions. Not one columnist or commentator has had the wherewithal, courage or balls to tell it straight. These cunts want to take us back. In the case of Dylann Roof it is the time of slavery and lynchings, with ISIS, it is much further back - for me, it feels that they want to replay the Crusades - and hope for a different result.

Both groups seem to live in some sort of fucked up, dystopian alternate reality - in similar to either Timothy Mcveigh, David Copeland and David Koresh before them.

In fact in the news this week was one Zack Davies, who was found guilty of trying to kill an Sikh dentist with a machete. He classed the beheader of innocent aid workers 'Jihadi John' a Inspiration. Yep, that's right people - a racist psychopath - attempted to kill an dentist - whilst chanting 'White Power' and 'I did it for Lee Rigby' - classed an Islamic state fighter as a inspiration. In the words of Richard Littlejohn, you cannot make it up.

So there you have it. ISIS and White Supremacists. Both twisted, both nasty, both deserve to be banished to history

Paul Weller & Portishead - Wild Wood (The Sheared Wood Remix)

Lovely tune to listen to on a Sunday afternoon - may do a playlist of similar tunes on my YouTube Channel - this afternoon!

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Lazyboy - Underwear Goes Inside The Pants

Heard this some six years ago - and it's lyrics have more meaning to them now - than at anytime thus century.


Lost Frequencies - Are You With Me (Original Mix)

This has come out on The Bearded Man on iTunes today - the original mix probably being the best mix of the package!

Sean Tyas - Melbourne (Original Mix)

Andy Blueman - Time To Rest [Daniel Kandi's Banging Mix]

This is another of my all time classic Trance, released in 2008 - very much an hands in the air moment - you wanted to be hearing this at 3 in the morning!!!

Daniel Kandi & Robert Nickson - Liberate

Where Do We Go From Here?


I was as you saw on my twitter feed in London yesterday at the #endausteritynow demonstration. The predicted turnout of 70,000 absolutely dwarfed by the figures that turned out - estimated at least 250,000. An remarkable figure considering the abysmal election results.

I didn't hang around for the speeches - mostly because my legs were shot to fuck after 15 hours standing up all of Friday as well as the best part of six hours doing the exactly the same yesterday!

I refer back to the demonstration that I went on back in 2011, little under a year after the Tories and Lib Dems agreed that monstrosity of an coalition agreement - and the atmosphere then compared to today couldn't have been any more different and positive.

For one thing, the crowd - was far more positive in its attitude compared to previous demos, and apart from the Class War people breaking away down at Victoria Embankment - there wasn't - touch wood - any flash points.

So what now? The people behind today's demo, The People's Assembly - have vowed to be on the streets on July 8th, the day of Gorgeous George's emergency budget - followed by demonstrations at the Tory party conference in Manchester in October - that could be interesting. However, I can't help but think that much more drastic may be required to get the bastards in power some serious thought.


Thursday, 18 June 2015

Blue Adonis - Disco Cop (Original Climax Edit)

Evening bitches!

Purchased this of Discogs over the past weekend and have just burnt it onto my macbook for future gigs - for those that do not remember - it was a big commercial hit both here and across Europe - for some absurd reason I just remember it being played continuously throughout the Autumn of 1998 - across all TV - and like most things that were being played to death that summer - Jason Nevins' remix of It's Like That by Run-DMC which came out earlier in the year did likewise!

When Will America Get The Message?

Another day.

Another gun massacre in America.

When will they fucking learn? 

When  Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold 17, killed 15 students (themselves included) and one teacher, and wounded 21 others before committing suicide. Did the U.S Government do anything. Nope.

When Seung-Hui Cho, shot and killed 32 students and faculty members, and wounded another 17 students and faculty members in two separate attacks on the same day, the deadliest attack in U.S history - did the politcians do anything? Of course not.

What happened when Adam Lanza, aged 20, killed 26 people and himself at the Sandy Hook Elementary School., most of the victims under 10 years of age. Nothing.

The American people - OK not all of them but a sizeable and deluded amount of them - believe that they have the constitutional right to bear arms. But what about the right to life?  These are the same muppets who'd consider firebombing abortion clinics - and yet the President is absolutely powerless to stop the madness - because of the sheer power that the NRA have in congress, in the senate and in the wider country.

There needs to be a debate - once and for all on this issue. The NRA need to be put out of pasture. 

For America's children sake. Stop the madness once and for all.

And that before we even get into the fact that this is not just a hate-crime - this is an act of terrorism.

I got criticised by some tweeters last weekend for calling the attack on the headquarters of Dallas Police an act of Terrorism - the perpetrator being a white man with supposed issues, when we all know that if it had been someone of Muslim origin, or Latino origin or African-American origin - the media, particular Fox News - would be putting a completely different slant on the whole situation.

The attack on the church in Charleston, South Carolina is just that.


And the sooner the authorities stop beating about the fucking bush, the better for all.

May those who have perish rest in peace.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Jeff Mills - The Bells

Nothing wrong with some serious hardness from the King of Techno, the great Jeff Mills!

Friday, 12 June 2015

Fatima Yamaha - What's A Girl To Do (Done031)


This came out about two years ago originally - and has been a real slow burner in many after-hours sets - now its becoming used more and more in some big names sets - such as Eats Everything's set at Parklife albeit his own re-edit - just last weekend.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Swings and Roundabouts

I feel extremely down and despondent at the moment. The gigs have from a bar and club point of view dried up completely - and although I've got a lot of private and wedding gigs coming up over the summer - I do not want to be labelled as just a party and wedding DJ as that is not why I got into djing all those years ago. Don't get me wrong I enjoy doing those gigs - as they require a greater level of intricancy and careful planning which I love doing for hours on end before the gig - but I do want the chance to play what I want once in a while - which is why I enjoyed the first hour or so playing at the bar in town that I had played in for the past year or so - until they decided to go down the Stilton route - and not have people playing different stuff - and new stuff - and instead have someone play the same old shit week in, week out.

My day job is also getting me down, but that's a conversation I'm not going to have on here!

The black dog is also rearing it's ugly head as well, and that is another thing that I need to control - perhaps the above is not a bad thing - Alcohol is not exactly the best remedy for someone like myself, particularly when I feel like I do right now, and for the past few weeks.

From a DJ's point of view - I have always tried to force new music onto the punters - almost in a Johnny Walker style of way - if you like that, you'll like this. I am really proud of this way of thinking - having pushed some quality sounds onto people over the past five years or so - nowadays, management seem to want to do whatever it takes to keep punters in - which although understanding causes DJs to play the same, tired old crap each and every week - and if you don't believe that - then trust me I've done that myself!

Perhaps I should be thankful that I have got so many wedding gigs and other gigs coming up this summer - I know of plenty of quality DJs who are probably better than me who don't have that to look forward to. Perspective, Bob.

I'm glad in a way though that I'm not doing much bar work at the moment as it's forcing me into the studio - OK, it's Ableton but fuck you all! There's so many ideas upstairs - but it's getting it all down in sounds and riffs! The other issue - is that Ableton is absurdly big - there is so much to look at - and work with - its bonkers!! I've got 10 days off at the end of this week - which is a fucking life saver as it gives me a bit of time to get myself underneath the bonnet and work solidly for a few days on some stuff - and get it uploaded for your perusal.

I've done a couple of mash ups involving six or seven tracks already using some of the tricks that I've found already - so will get those up sometime today!!