Monday, 13 October 2014

Back Into The Groove..


Was back at work this morning, still the same messed up fuck that I was two weeks ago when I left there in an absolute fucking mess and still there is a certain sense of pride that I got through what was a pretty deep and personal crisis. Even then though I was nervous with the reaction from people, If only people knew just how bad things had got. As it was, it was like I had never been away, not a bad thing that. No fuss. Like that. 

Fuck. Is that what my life has become - one of troughs and sheer frustration - sprinkled with Euphoric highs. Don't know whether that is what I'm looking for, fuck I know that's not what I'm wanting right now nor ever. But still could be worse. 

Got an meet up with my DJ boss this evening so better get the gym out of the way before then!

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