Tuesday, 28 October 2014

This Despicable Government

Evening all,

I was going to write tonight about some positive thoughts about my life and what I have got to look forward to doing over the coming weeks and months. Alas, I'm angry, but not with friends or family or colleagues but our delightful and pleasant government.

It seems that Call Me Dave has decided to go tow to tow with Farage and try to out-UKIP UKIP, almost in a race to the bottom of the fucking barrel. Glorious...

In what I suspect is a crude and somewhat sadistically calculated move - the government has decided not to continue to support attempts to prevent migrants from being harmed when they try to get into Europe from North Africa.

Human rights organisations have raised fears that more migrants and refugees will die in their attempt to reach Europe from the north African coast. The hard-pressed Italian navy will be left to mount what search-and-rescue operations it can. The new European operation will have only a third of the resources of the Italian operation that is being phased out. The Italian government got some €30m in support for the Mare Nostrum operation ever since the Lampedusa tragedy last year when 500 migrants died trying to get to Europe. That was in one single crossing. ONE.

How can a government basically say that the lives of those who are not born in the West are inferior and less important than those who are. These 'unwanted' economic migrants are people, Dave. They are brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers. They are not shit to be scraped off the bottom of your Kurt Giegers...

Absolutely fucking despicable.

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