Tuesday, 7 October 2014

At The Chalkface

media Evening all,

Have just spent the last few hours here at the Surgery working on a few things of note. First things first, we've updated the blog site, so you can get all of my latest news and views directly here, theres links to all of my social networks - so that's good - though I'd like to be able to link videos of tunes directly from my iPad instead of having to wait till I'm with my Macbook Pro and linking directly from YouTube, which is a bit of a cunt. 

Secondly, and more rewardingly I've started work on siphoning through my music library for samples and one off snippets to use via my F1. Now the way that I've done it is looping said tracks on the track deck, and then drag said sample onto the remix deck, and I had quite a bit of fun mashing a few samples together, which I'm going to work on gluing together ahead of my set on Friday at Sousa.  

There is an awful lot of potential with the remix decks, in fact when you think about it - the potential is endless.  Exciting!!!

I'm going to now try and link some more quality tunes on here for your perusal!

B xx

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