Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Traktor Audio Sorted. I Think!!!

After much pissing about these past few weeks we've finally got the A6 sorted in regards of removing any pops, crackles and drop outs.

The main issue is that the A6 is on a automatic latency setting of 256 samples - whereas the advice is for those running MacBooks is 512 samples - though if you're running time code you might want to go for a lower setting.

Now although I'm upgrading to Traktor Scratch - this is more of a case of wanting the option to use Turntables or if needs be the system down the Priz here in Folkestone as and when I'm needed to do any early sets down there in the coming months. Hopefully sooner than later!!

As for the general set up - we have two RCA outputs connected to the VMS4
so we can still use the XLR speakers to hear out. The sound is fabulous - very much noticeable in comparison to the American Audio ASIO sound card of the VMS4.

Gonna be testing this down RokanRolla tomorrow night from 8pm. Hoping that its noticeable there. Should be!!!

Monday, 25 March 2013

Social Life Issues

With having to devote so much time away from work - that's the day job - to preparing upcoming sets I am starting to worry that my social life is beginning to not look as good as it did previously.

Of course now I'm living on my own, my social life is as important than never before.

I wonder what other DJ's do with this issue. It's gotta be difficult.

Perhaps that's just one of the pitfalls of DJing.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Mash!!!

I've been doing quite a few bootlegs or Mash-Ups to those of us in the game for the last few years - but its only been since I've started playing out live that I've started to explore this aspect a lot further. DJs are not getting gigs now purely for their technical ability to be able to mix two tracks together - but for what else they bring to the party!

Having just about got used to using Ableton for this purpose now - I am enjoying being able to mix two, three or in the case of one particular mash-up I'm doing for my forthcoming birthday set - five remixes of the same song - and it does open up a whole different aspect to the art of DJing and how to get the crowd going.