Saturday, 19 November 2011

That Saturday Morning Feeling...


Well its just about is isn't it! Having done my run for the day and have uploaded this week's Magic Eight - I find myself with not much to do before I head up to me Mum's for some dinner later.

It being the weekend before payday - I get my money earlier than my colleagues as I bank with the same people as my place of work - I have less time to wait than everyone else - its also how I'm able to head to Liverpool next Saturday for the Third Cream Reunion - I'll stick a poster of the gig when I can be fucking assed!!! (Ed: See Below!!!)

So this weekend's gonna be a case of testing out some new stuff - go on Track It Down later to see what's out and then settle down to finish off my litre of Bacardi.

Wise Move That.
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