Thursday, 24 November 2011

Creating And Editing

Have had an productive couple of hours - firstly on the decks to do my daily hour in the mix - followed by an hour continuing my studio-style mix for my trip up to Liverpool on Saturday.

Had up till last night put 19 tracks into the set in about 90 minutes - but by time I had ended some 10 minutes ago - both Stringer by Riva and Airscape's Pacific Melody had been taken off the set as they don't match the feeling that I'm wanting to create in the two hour mix.

The set would be home probably being played in the Courtyard as there is some pretty deep, proggy trance in my set - which I will get up - either late tomorrow or early Saturday - but certainly by time I leave early Saturday afternoon!

Need to be in Dover for 2.30pm as one of my mates is doing my hair before I storm up the country to Merseyside - should be at the Upstairs bar of the Peacock hopefully this side of 9pm, if everything goes well!!!

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