Sunday, 20 November 2011

Long Term Ideas…

Have just seen the Novation Twitch and before now, have always thought that if a controller doesn’t have jogs then it’s probably not something for me to consider.Novation Twitch Touchstrip Controller DJ Audio Interface

However, it doesn’t have jogs for a reason, as it’s not built for those who fucking scratch – what a dozy twat am I!

Having seen the price – on average about £379 – it’s potentially something to look to when and if I get any bonus from work this coming year!

Looks rather nice to be honest – the touchstrips do look rather nifty and the way that you are able to (supposedly) map it to your specification makes me think, Hmmmmmmm.

Denon DNMC6000 Four Deck USB Midi Controller with Traktor Le

On the other hand, there is this on the left, the Denon DNMC6000 – yep, it’s an awful lot more, I’d be looking at barely having any change out of £600 – but just look at it – it does look fucking lovely doesn’t it.

Finally on my radar is the one below.

Citronic 170.700 MP-X10 Dual Media/MIDI MP3 player with Mixer




This on the right is the Citronic MPX-10 – I got offered this – prior to getting my VMS4 – however the £480 that he was asking for was too much for my pockets to deal with – so I bailed out – however – this does interest me as it has one MAJOR advantage.  I wouldn’t need to use a laptop if I wanted to. I’d have the option – but the sheer thought of being able to use this without any laptop – only needing to connect some sort of external hard-drive is extremely enticing.

We will have to see what happens in the coming months…


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