Thursday, 18 June 2015

When Will America Get The Message?

Another day.

Another gun massacre in America.

When will they fucking learn? 

When  Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold 17, killed 15 students (themselves included) and one teacher, and wounded 21 others before committing suicide. Did the U.S Government do anything. Nope.

When Seung-Hui Cho, shot and killed 32 students and faculty members, and wounded another 17 students and faculty members in two separate attacks on the same day, the deadliest attack in U.S history - did the politcians do anything? Of course not.

What happened when Adam Lanza, aged 20, killed 26 people and himself at the Sandy Hook Elementary School., most of the victims under 10 years of age. Nothing.

The American people - OK not all of them but a sizeable and deluded amount of them - believe that they have the constitutional right to bear arms. But what about the right to life?  These are the same muppets who'd consider firebombing abortion clinics - and yet the President is absolutely powerless to stop the madness - because of the sheer power that the NRA have in congress, in the senate and in the wider country.

There needs to be a debate - once and for all on this issue. The NRA need to be put out of pasture. 

For America's children sake. Stop the madness once and for all.

And that before we even get into the fact that this is not just a hate-crime - this is an act of terrorism.

I got criticised by some tweeters last weekend for calling the attack on the headquarters of Dallas Police an act of Terrorism - the perpetrator being a white man with supposed issues, when we all know that if it had been someone of Muslim origin, or Latino origin or African-American origin - the media, particular Fox News - would be putting a completely different slant on the whole situation.

The attack on the church in Charleston, South Carolina is just that.


And the sooner the authorities stop beating about the fucking bush, the better for all.

May those who have perish rest in peace.

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