Sunday, 7 June 2015

Swings and Roundabouts

I feel extremely down and despondent at the moment. The gigs have from a bar and club point of view dried up completely - and although I've got a lot of private and wedding gigs coming up over the summer - I do not want to be labelled as just a party and wedding DJ as that is not why I got into djing all those years ago. Don't get me wrong I enjoy doing those gigs - as they require a greater level of intricancy and careful planning which I love doing for hours on end before the gig - but I do want the chance to play what I want once in a while - which is why I enjoyed the first hour or so playing at the bar in town that I had played in for the past year or so - until they decided to go down the Stilton route - and not have people playing different stuff - and new stuff - and instead have someone play the same old shit week in, week out.

My day job is also getting me down, but that's a conversation I'm not going to have on here!

The black dog is also rearing it's ugly head as well, and that is another thing that I need to control - perhaps the above is not a bad thing - Alcohol is not exactly the best remedy for someone like myself, particularly when I feel like I do right now, and for the past few weeks.

From a DJ's point of view - I have always tried to force new music onto the punters - almost in a Johnny Walker style of way - if you like that, you'll like this. I am really proud of this way of thinking - having pushed some quality sounds onto people over the past five years or so - nowadays, management seem to want to do whatever it takes to keep punters in - which although understanding causes DJs to play the same, tired old crap each and every week - and if you don't believe that - then trust me I've done that myself!

Perhaps I should be thankful that I have got so many wedding gigs and other gigs coming up this summer - I know of plenty of quality DJs who are probably better than me who don't have that to look forward to. Perspective, Bob.

I'm glad in a way though that I'm not doing much bar work at the moment as it's forcing me into the studio - OK, it's Ableton but fuck you all! There's so many ideas upstairs - but it's getting it all down in sounds and riffs! The other issue - is that Ableton is absurdly big - there is so much to look at - and work with - its bonkers!! I've got 10 days off at the end of this week - which is a fucking life saver as it gives me a bit of time to get myself underneath the bonnet and work solidly for a few days on some stuff - and get it uploaded for your perusal.

I've done a couple of mash ups involving six or seven tracks already using some of the tricks that I've found already - so will get those up sometime today!!


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