Tuesday, 22 November 2011

In And Out...


Being one of these conscious DJs who care about the world and preventing it from descending into a cesspit of doom and madness - though some will think we're already there - but I jest - I am on the Number 10 bus from Ashford back to Folkestone after having my back-passage/Crack/anus (delete as appropriate) examined by a very fine doctor and his assistant.

And no this was not for pleasure but for something pretty serious. Due to events in my past that we will not dwell on - and possibly because - I have been suffering from bleeding from down there for some years - and due to sheer embarrassment and terrified of what could be found there - I have not got it checked out till now.

It is actually quite common with people who have had trauma down there before, or with people who engage in energetic anal sex - without knowing what the consequences can be.

Having had my GP's finger up there, I've had the specialist's finger and his telescope up there this morning - and with the prospect of another telescope going up towards my tummy when they get that arranged - which incidentally scares the living crapper out of me, I fear that this morning's episode won't be the last.


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