Friday, 18 November 2011

A Boring Friday Night...

Evening fuckers, Well after one night - we have had 16 fucking page views - 16 pissing page views.

That's a fucking good start to proceedings on here - considering in previous incarnations there has been barely anyone looking in any of the previous fucking blogs that's been done by this cunt!

So, we're here in my bed - just after doing this week's Magic Eight - which is really eight tracks that have caught my eye whilst practising on the decks this past week or so - so there's no real rhythm or pace to any of the sets - but some times there is - contrary to some of my longer sets which I'll be recording probably Sunday night to be on Mixcloud and on here possibly late Sunday or probably Monday once I've finished work for the day!

This week's Magic Eight should be online anytime from Midday tomorrow - I'm going for a run early tomorrow morning about 9am - and then we'll take it from there!!! B

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