Sunday, 21 June 2015

Where Do We Go From Here?


I was as you saw on my twitter feed in London yesterday at the #endausteritynow demonstration. The predicted turnout of 70,000 absolutely dwarfed by the figures that turned out - estimated at least 250,000. An remarkable figure considering the abysmal election results.

I didn't hang around for the speeches - mostly because my legs were shot to fuck after 15 hours standing up all of Friday as well as the best part of six hours doing the exactly the same yesterday!

I refer back to the demonstration that I went on back in 2011, little under a year after the Tories and Lib Dems agreed that monstrosity of an coalition agreement - and the atmosphere then compared to today couldn't have been any more different and positive.

For one thing, the crowd - was far more positive in its attitude compared to previous demos, and apart from the Class War people breaking away down at Victoria Embankment - there wasn't - touch wood - any flash points.

So what now? The people behind today's demo, The People's Assembly - have vowed to be on the streets on July 8th, the day of Gorgeous George's emergency budget - followed by demonstrations at the Tory party conference in Manchester in October - that could be interesting. However, I can't help but think that much more drastic may be required to get the bastards in power some serious thought.


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