Sunday, 28 June 2015

Two Sides Of The Same Coin


Spending some time up my mother's - having some dinner after yet another great and successful wedding done last night - this time at Elvey Farm which was very enjoyable - the bride and groom were more than happy with the set that I did - so we can hardly complain.

However, thoughts are far, far away. The events in Sousse, Tunisia as well as France and Kuwait on Friday as well as Charleston, South Carolina last Wednesday night have bought into sharp focus the madness that continues to envelop the world and in particular two extremities. The Fascists of ISIS and White Supremacists.

Let's be abundantly clear. These bastards are on the same side of a dirty coin. They are backward, decrepit and deeply disturbed people with warped and deluded opinions. Not one columnist or commentator has had the wherewithal, courage or balls to tell it straight. These cunts want to take us back. In the case of Dylann Roof it is the time of slavery and lynchings, with ISIS, it is much further back - for me, it feels that they want to replay the Crusades - and hope for a different result.

Both groups seem to live in some sort of fucked up, dystopian alternate reality - in similar to either Timothy Mcveigh, David Copeland and David Koresh before them.

In fact in the news this week was one Zack Davies, who was found guilty of trying to kill an Sikh dentist with a machete. He classed the beheader of innocent aid workers 'Jihadi John' a Inspiration. Yep, that's right people - a racist psychopath - attempted to kill an dentist - whilst chanting 'White Power' and 'I did it for Lee Rigby' - classed an Islamic state fighter as a inspiration. In the words of Richard Littlejohn, you cannot make it up.

So there you have it. ISIS and White Supremacists. Both twisted, both nasty, both deserve to be banished to history

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