Sunday, 22 January 2012

Exciting Times

By time I've probably written this - it'll be Monday morning - so I'll be fucked if I greet in the normal way! Had a great set at Skuba last night, probably the best one that I've had since starting - and I've also been advised of the possibility of further gigs on different nights - Fridays have been mentioned as a possible!

So, that's probably more coinage into the Bob Bob benevolent fund!

Second great point of the day was my first online set on VirtualDJ Radio which was at the beginning rather nerve-wracking when the link seem to break down - but after those technical difficulties - the set was rather good - the feedback that I got from fellow DJs from around the world was amazing - nothing condescending - something that I was always worried about when deciding to take the plunge to start playing publically - so that's going to be happening every Sunday between 7pm and 8pm for my favourite tracks and cuts and various other bits that have graced the decks in the past week or so!

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