Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Shattered But Relieved

Well these are interesting times in my life, with my residency at Skuba in full-flow and various ideas I've got to improve my sets that bit more, beginning to come into reality - the edits are building up slowly but surely - which means I can be that bit more inventive but also can get more variety into my sets - if I am able to create a four minute edit out of an eight minute original!
...saying that tho - that does come with a bit of drawback - and can I say at this point, that being asked to play such nonsense such as Jason DeRulo or Katy Perry does sometimes feel a bit soul-destroying but on the whole, Saturday night went as well as it could do, considering it was the first Saturday after the new year and a lot of people, me included felt a bit shattered after the week before and that amazing night that was NYE!

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