Thursday, 29 December 2011

Not Long To Go...

I'm lying in my bed - having renewed my TID-PRO (enough of the fucking promoting - ED!) and trying to find any tracks that will make my set that bit more original - we've got the visuals pretty much sorted out - that side of it was sorted out by one of my house mates - all that needs finalising is the playlist.

I've got a definite idea of the first two to three hours of the night - a more funky than techy slant than anything - having recorded what I was expecting to be the first hour of the set - it sounded like the mix belonged more later in the evening than the first hour - so that's probably gonna be the set list for the second or third hour - probably the second hour between 9 and 10.

Though the opening tune of the night has already been decided by myself - a song very close to my heart - and the mood will be similar for that first hour or so - getting tougher, funky, techy, deep and eventually trancey and hands in the air by time Big Ben thunders out!!!

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