Monday, 19 December 2011

Hair We Go...

Evening all,

Here we are at the hairdressers - a lovely lil' place here in Folkestone - we're waiting for the blonde to kick in with the foils which have been put in by the lovely Louise who has done my hair on and off over the last few years - I've decided that if I'm going to look bloody great for NYE then it needs to be from the top downwards!

Did another two hour practice session last night - think we have an idea of what the opening tune will be on the big night - not wanting to give anything away however its a update of one of house music's all-time classics with a techy feel! Winner!

Gonna be here probably for another hour or so - then gotta get my secret Santa sorted out as the presents get dished out tomorrow at work - but I'm having difficulties in what to get them!!!

Probably gonna have Fajitas again tonight for dinner - then a toss-up between practice and the gym, probably the latter to be fair - gotta be looking fit and raring to go for the seven hour set!!!

Probably do another practice session about 9:30pm tonight for about an hour or so, work on my euphoric hour or so for NYE - gotta get those Trance classics sorted me thinks!!!!

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