Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Out Of The Pan, Into The Fire

Evening all,

So I headed back into work this morning and it was torturous -absolutely fucking torturous. I hate going back into work after days off particularly when it's not been for pleasurable reasons - and let's be honest - the previous two days have been anything but that.

For one I was left to my own devices, which at times can be a good thing, but in my current state of mind not so.

I've been getting some pretty disturbing thoughts - fucking dictation come on!

One such thought, came on my night ride which I did straight after work this evening.  I was heading along the road to the Imperial down towards Hythe - when the heady thought of walking into the sea came into my head - talking about such thoughts - isn't easy - however the important thing is that nothing came out of it - this is why your author is here.

Positive thoughts people, positive thoughts.

B x

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