Sunday, 9 October 2016

Me and the D

In recent weeks there have been various news stories about celebrities talking openly about their depression and how in some cases they cope or some cases don't - and how what they do - their profession, passion, hobby is some form of therapy.

As I have alluded to in recent posts my own battles with the D has caused me to take days off work in partnership because I'm just not able to get up in the morning and deal with whatever the day brings. Or not.

There are many coping strategies - most of which I have utilised to some varying degrees of success but ultimately failure to deal with the overall tragedy of my depression.

Drugs, Alcohol, Curries. Cocaine, MDMA, Crystal Meth. Been there. Done it. Got the loose change somewhere.

But it can and does ultimately cause further problems down the line and there is a price that has to be paid.

I have come to the conclusion that whilst I get extremely lonely whilst in what is my living room producing - I do get down some of my very best work whilst I'm in such a dark place - and I wonder why the fuck does that happen.

Fucking surreal.

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