Thursday, 27 October 2016

Endless, Wildest, Craziest. The open world that is Ableton Link

Evening all,

I would write about the latest goings on in my life - but it's safe to say that it's as your intrepid writer has said in previous days and he doesn't want to bore you any longer with that shite - so you depressive guys who want to read some depression porn can bugger off - I'm not going to write to make you consider your lives could be worse this evening!

However I am going to write about some of the technological goings on with two of my DJ softwares. Namely Ableton Live - of which I paid a pretty dime a few weeks ago after years utilising friends copies - yeah I know - proper rude of me - and Traktor of whom I stopped playing live with in favour of the Rekordbox economic system some six months ago after using it for some five years.

In Traktor's latest update - the 2.11.0 update that is - they have FINALLY added on the Ableton Link. This is massive news - as l have been looking for an alternative method of adding loops and samples to my set up without the need of fuck arsing around with the metronome or master clock on Traktor.

It is a relative breeze to get it all set up and running and I suspect I will have plenty of fun playing with it over the coming weeks and months - the real interesting part for me will be if and when Rekordbox comes on board - as it will open the world up to a lot of up and coming producers and DJs who are looking to add a Fugue Machine or some additional percussion over that Macro Plex or Plastician number - or cut the bass out of that shitty Skrillex track (numerous to name) and strip it down to some 303 acid (IDEA!).

The options and ideas have now become as endless as the figments of your wildest and craziest imaginations - I've got some ideas already and I have no doubt you people will too.

Take it easy,

B x

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