Sunday, 4 January 2015

The Year Ahead

Well, here I am - on the settee here at the Surgery this evening with one more day off before I have to head back into work - and the one thing that comes to mind for the past year is one of achievement whilst struggling with the demons upstairs.

I have been wondering - sometimes aloud - what would be a good target to aim for - for the coming year - the DJing seems to have itself taken care of - certainly for the forseeable future - which in itself  is a remarkable personal achievement for myself - considering my confidence wasn't exactly great this time last year.

Outside of my usual hopes and dreams of getting a gig in London - which I am quietly confident is going to happen this year - the aim has to be get a Original Release signed up - which seems a long shot - however I do think that if I put my mind to it - there is nothing I can't do!

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