Monday, 26 January 2015

Surrounded By Emptiness

I feel like someone who is on his own right now - surrounded by people, but absolutely oblivious to the suffering that I'm going through right now.  Whilst in the office, people are talking about their holidays, doing their driving licenses, saving for a house etc - I just don't see the point of doing or preparing for any of these things as I don't know where my mood will take me a day at a time - and that is beyond frustrating.  
I started the year by coming off my tablets - because they were making me ridiculously tired - even to the point of falling asleep at work - not a good look at all. Now people are pestering me to do all these things - but the bottom line is - I can't be bothered as I seriously don't know if I will get live to completing my lessons, or going abroad or getting a mortgage.
Absolutely horrendous.

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