Wednesday, 10 December 2014


Jesus Christ, the last few days I have been tagging my music collection like nobody's business - having discovered MusicBrainz Picard for the Mac, which basically searches for metadata based on audio fingerprints and id3 tags - which has been quite revelationary - think Beatport Pro but with bells and whistles on!  It's taking a bit of getting used to - but my god it is worth it - files which i have never been able to get tagge properly before now, all tidied up - which is a very good thing, considering I am now using iTunes to plan my sets and playlists - as I can node them up to Traktor - or for that matter any where else such as Rekordbox.  All in all, a good thing this!
I have always been an audiophile - menaing that my music has had to be at 320kbps - or now I'm playing with AAC, at least 256kbps - taking into account the sound system that I'm going to be playing on.  You have many people who think that you should play loseless or WAVE files - but as long as it sounds audibly great - isn't that what matters. 
An going to start a few re-edits - of a few classics this evening - taking my point from one of the men behind Groove Armada - Tom Findlay, who's just released a new LateNightTales compilation featuring re-edits of disco classics such as Etume's Juicy Fruit amongst others.  I've done a few before now, such as Todd Terry's remix of Missing by Everything But The Girl - half way through the track, the track seems to go off by half a beat - at the main breakdown - so have had to warp the track, to keep it all in line - and this sort of editing is a good base to get into producing I believe.   

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