Sunday, 12 August 2012

Holding Back The Years...


And I write this morning, not from the iPhone or anything that involves me typing on a screen but from the laptop - the same laptop where some 25 hours or so ago - I was finishing a rather eclectic set at Bar Vasa here in Folkestone - well actually, tell a fib - its in Sandgate - but hell to accuracies - its 2am!

For the last hour or so, apart from marvelling at the ever continuing greatness of Mr Mohamed Farah, (soon to Prime Minister, under my new regime) - I have been on You Tube listening to songs and tracks that formed part of my childhood - and one thing came to me - particularly listening to Simply Red's Fairground - just how downtrodden music has become right now.

Back in 1995, when Fairground was released - there was an air, that Britain was getting somewhere - the Tories wouldn't be long in power, as Labour was finally getting its backside in gear and the country was beginning to enjoy itself, knowing that the crap from the previous 15 years was behind it. The deal for a catchy tune was a bouncy beat, positive vibes and lyrics and a feel-good video.

Fast Forward to now, and its anything but that now. Which is a shame. Last night, I played a set which was exclusively of music before the year 2000, in fact, I think the youngest song I played was Armand Van Helden's remix of Professional Widow - good, quality music - none of the synthetic carp which is churned out of the warehouse that is Simon Cowell's mansion.

We need to get some of that feel-good vibe back, and quickly.

The Olympics gives us as a nation and as a world to do just that.

Lets take it!!!

Bob Bob :) xx

PS: That set down Bar Vasa, could well be the first of a monthly set down there - as well a few gigs in other parts of town - onwards and upwards me thinks!!!

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