Sunday, 29 July 2012

Getting Creative.


Having been finally getting used to Ableton and doing some edits on there, and I have to say - I can understand why DJs use it.

It's very well presented with everything all separated and in it's own area and it allows you to decide how you're gonna work - so I can use it in the sideways arrangement that I have done with all of my life - with the exception of Music Generator on the PS2!

Doing my first edit was rather laborious - a basic edit of Wolfgang Gartner's "There and Back" took about an hour to get all pro'd up to the sort of edit that I am happy to play out. One thing I have started doing with the last couple of edits which I have done is using third-party loops and samples in my edits - something that just wasn't possible when using Mixmeister Fusion - so that's a bonus and again after a long and frustrating few hours of finding everything - have used a few effects as well as loops in one of the edits which I've done this week.

I think the next thing to do is to get a Premium soundcloud account so I can get a few of these edits online!!!

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