Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year Resolutions!!!

Happy New Year, Cunts!

Apart from the usual resolutions of losing a bit of weight and to cut the crap - one that's been somewhat damaged by the fact that I've had a Chicken Royale from Burger King - I've got several more resolutions with a bit of substance.

1) Update this blog! Pretty self-explanatory really!

2) Get more gigs - and try to get gigs away from town! I've always been stuck in regards of having to stay in Folkestone due to lack of transport - but I've been promised the chance of helping with gigs in London in the not so distant future - something that excites me but also fills me with dread - or perhaps it's just nerves!!!

3) Get into producing - I've dabbled with producing for about 15 years but e mastering side of things and creating that final mix has always freaked me out somewhat!

4) Be happy! I've documented my troubles with depression and how that has led to me having issues with weight in one shape or form. Now I've moved into my own place - I'm needing to be an awful lot more aware of how I am feeling in myself - and that is going to be helped by something that one of my mates is giving me as my housewarming present. A exercise bike!

Have a quality year!!!

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