Sunday, 15 July 2012

Questioning Myself (Part 48)

Here I am, up my Mum's in the loo - waiting for last night's booze and various other crap to leave the system - it was a good night - that cannot be denied - however - I have to stop drinking myself into oblivion.

It was something that Norman Cook said in a recent interview about his career - whenever he wasn't in the studio he was drinking himself stupid - I cannot help whether DJs and creative people in general are susceptible to such weaknesses due to the fact that we tend to be depressive in general compared to others.

And I think that this is the problem that I've got right now - as I get down so easily and quickly and so I have to find a way to get gigs - even if that means going out of my comfort zone and start looking at producing - which is something that I have tried to do in the last few years but with not much joy!

But that and mashups seems to be the way forward for me!

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