Monday, 3 November 2014

The Last Weekend

Good evening,


Been a good last couple of days for me. The outlook that I am thinking about does seem to be heading in a different direction than it seemed to be going for the last months and so that's a great thing to be experiencing. There does seem to be a stabilisation in my life which I have been without recently, so I can think a lot more clearly than I have been of late and that is not a bad thing let's be fucking honest about that!


Had a brilliant weekend firstly playing at the Secret Garden near Ashford which was and rewarding in my eyes - need to remember to get in contact with the owners of that place as thee does seem to be the likelihood of further work there in the coming weeks and months which would be welcomed!


Also had to say au revoir to Semelino and his lovely Jade as they head to South East Asia for the next few months leaving me in charge of the business whilst they are abroad which is something that I am very much looking forward to getting my teeth into!!


Well, I'm tired and need to get to bed, so will talk tomorrow!!

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