Monday, 10 November 2014

Taking Control

Evening all,

Don't try to picture this but I'm currently in the bath after a day trying to recover from a bout of Diarrhoea which came on late last night - and which caused me to miss work today. Now, you might wonder why on earth I've started out with a medical update when the name of the article is what it is, well that's because up to a few years ago the very idea of taking a sick day was completely alien to me - which although rather noble wouldn't do me any favours at work. In a job where the slightest error can cost the business a fortune - I would be guilty of slight errors when I was not 100% on form and so causing me more hassle than was really necessary in the first place.  Nowadays, I will not risk coming into work if I'm not on form - it's just not worth it. 

When it comes to djing however, it's a completely different ball game!!

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