Thursday, 7 November 2013

Sanity In The UK

Evening and I have to write tonight about what is going on in this country right now. It seems to me that our beloved government led by Call Me Dave is trying their level best to shaft the electorate up the Bournville with some of its policies right now. 

A definite form of divide and rule is also coming through with some of its polices - the job losses in Portsmouth regarding the shipyards yesterday in favour of keeping work on the Clyde as part of a cynical ploy to placate Scottish voters ahead of the independence election next year being a clear example of this being in play. 

Meanwhile, it seems to me that the majority of the electorate seem to not give a flying fuck just how close to the shitter these bastards are taking us. By time they see the light it will probably be too late. 

Lovely thought. 

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