Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Something New.

Apologies for the lack of posts in recent weeks, but I have been rather busy - more about that in a moment!
The sessions at Skuba on Saturdays are going rather well, I didn't play there last weekend as I was up at Cream seeing Oakenfold, Corsten and Harris amongst a stellar line-up - one of the most intense nights of the past 12 months for deffo!  My housemate was due to come up with me, however he decided to bail out at the last minute, unlucky! 
Going back to being behind the decks and as you would have no doubt seen I have purchased a new laptop, which is over time going to usurp the current baby - I've had the eMachines one for the last two and a half years - and with my bonus from work being rather good, felt it was only appropriate to get a new Acer Aspire lappy with a faster processor (three times as fast with a turbo boost - as its one of those new i3 processors!)
What it means is that for the first time ever - I'm in a position where I can streamline my old laptop to make it a purely gig machine only - which has its distinct advantages!  For one thing, VDJ would be the only program on it - as well as the drivers to make the VMS4 work with it - which should help in regards of CPU usage which is notoriously high on such programs!
Which is rather problematic, because I have been using VDJ with my new laptop and the difference in the quickness and effortlessness of it is rather something to behold!
I've also purchased the new MashUp program by the people that gave the world MixedInKey - which does exactly what it says on the tin, and have already done my first mashup of sorts - link will be up soon regarding that one! 
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