Sunday, 26 April 2015

Pander To The Masses


Last night's gig has bought me down to earth with a bit of a bump. There I am playing what is normally my standard warm up set before the madness kicks off - a bit of commercial deep house - fuck I even threw in a bit of Smooth Operator - when the manager comes in and tells me to 'Uplift it'.

So I do that - put a bit of Kiesza and Disclosure on. They slowly leave to leave a relatively empty dance floor - this is about 9:30pm. Pretty standard for the Saturday before payday - but it has had me thinking today - whether DJs in general should really be taking orders from management or for that matter bar staff about what to play - particularly if like me the person on the decks has more experience than they do in reading a crowd. The bar staff piped up soon after stating the crowd the night before was craving 'Cheese'.

Ah the bane of all DJs.

That was the night before - even though the guy who played the night before described the night as 'pretty dead' in a message he sent me earlier in the day. Hmmm.

Still in the end we had a good night in the end - haven't had any further negative feedback - so must've been alright - but I walked away from there pretty cheesed off with the night events.


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