Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Interrogation at Quality Control

So this afternoon I ventured off to the wild west - I mean Maidstone to the local passport office to have my interview for my passport for next summer's manoverues around France amongst other places - and it reminded me of the dirgy old offices of my teenage years - being assessed for one thing or fucking another.

Fuck, even what I'm listening to right now - some real deep chilled classic from the 80s right now by Julee Cruise reminds me of those fucking offices. You know the ones, they've only been painted that shade of beige their entire fucking existence. Felt sorry for the poor people who had to go into that fucking shit hole day in, day out.

The interview was quite surreal, imagine that's your job. To interview people to see if they are who they really are. In a pseudo sadistic sort of way - I think I might enjoy that sort of job. We did agree on something. House music was so much fucking better in the 90s than now. Hell fucking yeah!!

- B on the iPhone 6s x

Location:Darby Place,Folkestone,United Kingdom

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