Sunday, 10 May 2015

The Aftermath.


I've thought long and hard over the last few days regarding the unexpected election result. There have been many articles and posts across the internet concerning where it all went wrong for Labour and for the parties on the Left of the political spectrum, where I place myself - some have been very thoughtful - others have been nothing short of sniping from the sidelines, see Mandelson on the Marr show this morning. I also see that the War Criminal, Blair has been sprouting off his Neo-Liberal claptrap nonsense in the papers today - again, I will not be lectured to on compassion by a man who started an unjust war on fabricated evidence. Did you feel any compassion for the thousands of innocents who died for your despotic and shambolic crusade Tony? No you didn't. 

However, I have to get something off my chest which has been properly pissing me off over these past few days - Let's put some facts on the table. The Tories didn't win anything. They got under 37% of the vote, 25% of the electorate. Labour shouldn't have to adapt their policies to fit in with what they think people want. They should fight for what they believe in and if that's democracy then proportional representation should be a top priority. It's an scandal that UKIP and the Greens with five million votes have two MPs. How can we call ourselves a democracy when five million votes result in just two fucking MPs?

People criticise others for protesting on the streets of London yesterday and there is no excuse AT ALL for some to deface the women's War memorial on Whitehall, but you have to ask the question, if a substantial proportion of the electorate are that disaffected by democracy that the only option they feel they have is to march and protest to get their voice across, just what on earth is going to happen when a couple of years of savage cuts have been implemented by this government.  It is offensive to me that the Tories believe however well the economy is doing that money shouldn't be spent on services that can play a big role in the economic advancement of those at the bottom. Austerity quite clearly disproportionately affects the poor and needy as they benefit from public services that are cut the most. It is not as if to argue against austerity is economic illiterate when that article suggests that there is much debate from economists around the benefit it has. People will say that they're alright jack, but isn't that one of the fundamental rules of humanity - look after those around you who can't look after themselves for one reason or another. 

Have we as a society just stopped caring about those around us?  Of course not, I have spoken to plenty of people these past few days who are as disheartened and frustrated by the electorate's verdict on five years of ConDemNation, but the reaction is not to be vindictive to your family, friends and neighbours purely because of who they voted for. That's doing the Tories job for them. 

The divide and rule tactic employed by Cameron, and perpetuated by the Tory media, such as the S*n, Times, Torygraph, Daily Heil and Express worked spectacularly - and Cameron knows it. 

There is now just the small issue of getting the union back together, which in my opinion is probably beyond repair. Gonna need to explain that one to Her Maj, Dave.

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