Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Sauntering Along...

So here we are, the middle of the week - we've got some new stuff into the record case for this weekend - have also got some old stuff as well, though Rokanrolla has to be a little bit busier for my liking and for the management's liking. 

The bottom line is that they need to continue to promote the bar however for some unknown reason they are not able to do so. I have my own suspicions why this is - but I am not going to use this page to go into conspiracy theories purely because as far as I'm concerned - I am purely there to play whatever crap the punters want me to play and that is that. 

We need to however look away from RokanRolla in the long term. That is clear in my view and look for something a little bit more secure with backing from an ambitious bar owner - because it is inevitable that as night becomes day the owner is going to look towards me and say that I'm not able to get the punters in. That is the bottom line. Now, he has said that it has been dead for the past week or so, but we cannot continue to play in front of at times recently, empty bars. That is beyond soul-destroying. 

I am however not wanting to try and get friends and family to push owners to give me gigs here there and everywhere. I'm wanting them to come to me. That might sound very arrogant but that is how it has to be. Owners live on their decisions and not on ones which are fostered upon then. 


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